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The Raw Project

Wynwood Life has hosted the Raw Project for the last few years and they are back! The talented artists of Wynwood’s schools will showcase their art as part of the Raw Project, the Wynwood non-profit restoring arts programs in Miami’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

“It starts with this irony: Wynwood’s middle school doesn’t have an art department… due to budget restraints… How can the most burgeoning art neighborhood on the planet have public schools that don’t teach art or music?” – The Huffington Post

About the Raw Project:

In the US, six million students receive no arts education, and 60 percent of American schools have seen their arts programs defunded. RAW began in 2014 and brought together a coalition of non-profits, organizations, artists, and administration to bring color and inspiration on Wynwood’s Jose De Diego middle school’s concrete walls and a school suffering a drought in budget for creativity.

Over 80 artists came together, and results were magnificent enough to increase school enrolment among the community. More kids were coming back to school, and class attendance increased. There was an increase in test scores, school pride, and a decrease in bullying and violence. RAW sent a shockwave of enthusiasm that proves it can better the school and its body through art. In 2016, RAW expanded as a campaign to support the creation of arts programs at schools nationwide.

Wynwood’s Eneida M. Hartner elementary school is made up of a melting pot of minorities living below the poverty line, finding refuge from broken home life within the walls of education and a loyal, dedicated faculty. During Art Basel 2016, this elementary opened its doors for a carefully selected group of artists to beautify its walls and encourage art education throughout the community. RAW teamed up with European art project Stick Together to help broaden an international team of talent to maintain its already sterling level of skill. For years, the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami has seen a renaissance in arts, culture, and development. RAWs project has sparked a conversation and a process that bridges urban contemporary art and education through the very medium that has celebrated.

Join us, and get involved.


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