Experience Wynwood Art Come to Life

Experience Wynwood Art Come to Life

The Wynwood Cannons

As we get closer and closer to the event that truly embodies what Wynwood is all about, nothing says Wynwood like ART! Legends return, with two seminal Wynwood artists creating two unique and massive takes on the most crucial Wynwood art tool: THE SPRAY PAINT CAN. Only this time, they are life size! Each artist will paint prior to the 3-day weekend event to unveil their masterpiece at the festival! The spray can will be placed around the festival for attendees to take photos, learn about the artist and their reason behind the design, giving attendees an immersive experience, they will never forget! After the festival, SWARM inc. plans to place the cannons around the Wynwood neighborhood as a statue to honor the artists and to begin a tradition similar to the roosters placed all around Little Havana.


Live Canvas Painting

These famous artists below will be painting live on canvasses at Wynwood Life:

Luis Berros

Luis Berros is a lifelong semi-native of South Florida, having been born in Jersey City, NJ before moving with his family to Miami as a child. Finding an outlet for his creativity, and a welcoming community in the graffiti culture of South Florida in the early 1980’s, Luis took part in this emerging art form and experienced firsthand the power of art without limits.  Today he has become engrossed by the underlying narrative of his work, which is to accelerate fine art and street art along the same plane and document the collision.

Amanda Seckington

Amanda Seckington is a contemporary surrealist painter who splits her time between Miami and Orlando. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from the Ringling College of Art & Design. Her current series of work called, Taken By The Sky, is a combination of portraiture and skyscrapers. As a population, we face a new plethora of pressing issues and unrest each day. Seckingtons work invites the viewer to take a moment to look towards the skies, to see the big picture, and restore the hope one needs to keep moving forward and doing one’s best to leave the world better place.

Trek 6

“The cutting edge is a bleeding edge”, a line that has haunted Trek6 all his life. From his first
ventures as a young painter in Miami’s blooming street art scene in the late 80’s to his sound art experiments in the new millennium, Trek has kept slowly working creating a vast and unique body of work that spans over different mediums, three decades and a multitude of cities and cultures.

DeeDee Rock

Diana Contreras has established herself as a true Miami artist. From painting murals in the street art scene, to exhibiting in various galleries. Her work has been seen in exhibitions and private collections in several parts of the world.

Experience all of Wynwood in one weekend at our Wynwood Life Street Festival!



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