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SWARM into the Wynwood Beat!

SWARM into the Wynwood Beat!

There’s so much live music in Wynwood that it’ll make you want to melt into the mix. Be a part of the rhythm that is the lively streets of Wynwood Art District. We got the music, you bring the people! From daylight to nightlife, we’ve got you covered for the ultimate music experience. There are over 20 DJs that will occupy the Live Music Stage at every moment of the festival. We’re having local resident DJ’s gone big and even an international treat! Music will fill the streets at Wynwood Life that you’ll enjoy all day and night long. Be sure to check out the Wynwood Yard where live music meets food to go!

Our most anticipated musical experience of them all is Music Takeover, from Friday to Sunday all throughout Wynwood. Come enjoy a good time with music by Wynwood’s most popular DJ’s from Barter, SHOTS, The Wynwood Factory, Brick House, thedeck, Coyo Taco, Fashion, Boombox, Mr. Kream, Veza Sur, Gramps, iHeart Radio, and Dirty Rabbit. Anticipate the funky tunes by local and renown DJ’s while chowing down on some amazing Wynwood Cuisine. Follow our social media to follow our Music Takeover Train! See you there!

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