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Food is the Groove at Wynwood Life!

Food is the Groove at Wynwood Life!

Are you a foodie at heart? No judgment here! All foodies are welcome to dine in and pig out in our world famous local restaurants. While experiencing the Wynwood Life, there are so many eateries that you need to visit before you go. We at SWARM will give you a list of the must eat places in all of Wynwood:

R House. Coyo Taco. Fireman Derek’s. 1-800- Lucky, even treat yourself to some delicious grub at our Food Truck Rally to munch on all of your favorite outdoor treats! In Wynwood, it’s okay to eat as much with your eyes as you do your mouth – there’s just that much we can offer.


Parched mouths can experience the refreshing side of Wynwood from our infamous shots to our local craft breweries: such as Veza Sur, J Wakefield, Concrete Beach Brewery, Wynwood Brewing, and Boxelder. Come and taste the variety that makes our community tasteful. And that’s not even the half of it. We will be having mixologists whipping up custom favorites, so go check out the Kitchen Lab in the Marketplace, our local bartender, Darwish Iregui, will be there making your favs!

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